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Top Dating Apps In Phoenix And Scottsdale For Singles

I have been a professional matchmaker for 20 years and different than others in my profession, I find online dating to be a good thing. You say why, isn’t that a competitor to a matchmaking service ? Yes and no. Most people don’t even realize what a matchmaker or dating coach does until they try some type of online dating. With that in mind lets talk about the top dating apps in Phoenix and Scottsdale for Singles.

Is pretty much where it all began as far as online dating. They also own many dating sites and apps.

PROS: Lots of people and everyone can initiate conversation after paying

CONS: No help through the process. Can have catfish issues like free dating sites but you still have to pay

POF (Plenty of Fish) (FREE)

Started as the largest free site and still remains that way today. Now owned by parent company.

PROS: Lots of people. Free to communicate. Some people do have success with it

CONS: Its like the wild west. Land of catfish and scammers

OKCupid (FREE)

Uses a fairly complex matching system which gives a sense of compatibility. Free to communicate. Also owned by parent company.

PROS: Easy to identify who may not be serious due to ability to see compatibility factors. Has online moderators.

CONS: Has same pitfalls of other free sites. See many of the same people from and POF.

Is an elite dating app that requires users to apply to see if they quality by status level which is verified through social media

PROS: If you are elite (or your social media makes you look that way) and looking for someone elite you may qualify to get in

CONS: Limited number of people. Has reputation, as you might expect, of people who sometimes think they are better than others

Cove (Meet In the Cove) ($$)

Is a relatively new dating app that offers a innovative pre-date experience with text, audio and video. Has a 7 day process which has been critically acclaimed.

PROS: Focused on Phoenix / Scottsdale area. Innovative process seems to save time. Has charitable purpose.

CONS: None other than some early technical glitches on their Android version of the app

What generally happens, and why I am OK with dating apps, is after someone has a bad experience they may call a matchmaker or dating coach, like me, for help. BUT if the dating app works then we’re all happy as we’re in the business of finding love for people.

On the surface when looking at the top dating apps in Phoenix and Scottsdale for singles, the Cove Dating App may be the one to take a closer look at if you’re in area. And this area looks like a hot area for dating.

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