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    Erica Fultz

    Founder & Lead Matchmaker

    Hello, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Erica Fultz, I was born in 1975 which explains my love for the Bee Gee’s (you young kids never mind, lol).

    I have 3 beautiful teenagers which I raise fantastically with my awesome ‘wasband’ – gasp, I said it! And I’m an authentic matchmaker that knows about struggles with relationships and the hard work it takes to have a successful one.

    I have been a matchmaker for over 20 years and have been passionate about it for just as long. I discovered early on that I loved being a connector. Just like the joy you have when you find that puzzle piece you were searching for and the complete satisfaction you have when you put it into place!

    I work with highly driven and successful men and women that think that piece of the puzzle doesn’t exist. That their only option is the shirtless man in the bathroom mirror or the overly filtered hot woman that looks nothing like her picture in real life.

    I’m the modern day matchmaker, representing strong, passionate, driven, emotionally mature singles that want a partner in the minimum to mirror their values and someone that prioritizes a relationship.

    Your person exists – let me assure you of that. They are simply living a parallel life with you! And that’s where I come in…to connect you!

    So, if you are willing to break your routine of morning yoga, a 10 hour work day, a green machine smoothie, dinner in front of your laptop and bedtime at 11:00, then please schedule a time with me!

    I have a proven 2 phase method that will create the happily ever after you dream about.

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